Atlantic City Mayoral Primary / Levy Defeats Mayor Langford

By DEREK HARPER Staff Writer
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Absentee and messenger ballots expected to go challenger’s way.

Bob Levy may have kept Lorenzo Langford from being a two-term mayor.

Levy, the Democrat challenging Langford for the mayoral nomination, beat the mayor at the polls Tuesday. That, coupled with Levy’s likely lead in absentee and messenger ballots, was enough to unseat Langford. An hour and a half after the polls closed, Langford addressed the campaign workers at his downbeat headquarters.

“I know you poured your hearts out for us. But we know the deck was stacked against us from the beginning,” the mayor said. He added he was proud of them.
He asked supporters not to question the results.

The Levy camp was exuberant in its headquarters a block away.

On a packed podium, Levy, the head of the city’s Beach Patrol, looked to move past the sometimes-vicious primary campaign.

“We have a lot of deep divisions that need to be healed and we are going to take care of that,” he said.

On the far-quieter Republican side, Timothy Mancuso, who got 301 votes, will likely face Levy in November.

Levy also seemed successful in getting his slate of City Council candidates elected. Incumbents Eugene Robinson, Ramon Rosario and former Councilman John Schultz were the top vote-getters at the polls.

But this being Atlantic City, nothing is certain until all the absentee ballots are counted.

Well more than 3,000 city absentee and messenger ballots, designed to allow people who could not otherwise get to the polls to vote, are in front of the county Board of Elections.

That board plans to spend the rest of the week checking signatures on the ballots. On Monday, they plan to begin tallying them.

Levy supporters are believed to have delivered the majority of the absentee and messenger ballots.

The voter turnout for a primary election was unusually high. Democrats saw 5,605 come out, along with 724 Republicans.

Many voters realized that because there are 5.8 Democrats in Atlantic City for every Republican, this election would practically determine who wins.

The election mostly came off without a hitch. Three voting machines had problems. At the New Jersey Avenue School, the machine broke down several times, leading to an hour-long wait and several would-be voters leaving.

And the Levy team said as many as 200 absentee ballots were mailed back to voters in recent days. Armbruster said she is aware of a half-dozen returned to voters and promised an investigation.

Staff writers Martin DeAngelis and Michael Pritchard contributed to this report.
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